Libifem® is a standardized fenugreek extract clinically proven to support sexual health and menopausal symptoms while supporting an increase in muscle strength

Introducing Libifem®

By supporting an increase of estradiol in women, which reduces naturally as women age, Libifem® offers support for a variety of stages in a woman’s life.

Why Choose Libifem®

Loss of sexual desire affects one in every four women and can affect adult women of all ages. But despite its prevalence, there are few supplement options. Libifem® offers a unique herbal solution to support female hormone estradiol that helps boost sexual desire.

Reduction in estradiol is a normal feature of menopause, a natural biological process which can be accompanied by a range of symptoms. These symptoms can affect women to varying degrees, sometimes causing discomfort and distress. Libifem® has been shown effective in alleviating some of these symptoms and supporting a healthy quality of life.